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Unvalidated Ideas #002

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Premium Travel for Executives (Tier: A)

For the high powered executive or High Net Worth (HNW) individual -- why do they carry anything while they travel?

Could a bag-less, worry-less trip be the ultimate sign of luxury? As we come out of the pandemic and travel starts to tick up for Executives again, offering features to executives/HNW individuals (and their assistants) around travel is probably going to be a good idea (which airlines would love to encourage).

Imagine a travel experience where you fly to a country and your tailored work and leisure clothes are already present in your hotel room when you land, and you've got your favorite meal and reservations at a great restaurant nearby booked for you and your business colleagues.

In the current world assistants provide all this, but some parts are harder to do than others -- working as an advanced concierge provider with assistants could be massively profitable.

I rate this an A (really an A-) because of the strength of the purchasing power of the market -- it's a bit more of a traditional business but if you can build something with high quality, you can have 10 clients but make a a handsome sum. Once you have those clients, it's much easier to find other problems they have that they want solved.

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