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Unvalidated Ideas #029

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Here's a fresh idea you can take out there and validate.

Premium Cases for Nail Polish (display & travel)

Too many software/tech-heavy ideas in the newsletter lately, let's fix that with something a little more approachable for non-technical founders.

Let's talk about nail polish.

Right off the bat -- I am not a nail polish expert. That said, my ignorance doesn't matter, the industry was estimated to be worth 10-20 Billion dollars globally in 2021.

This is one area most entrepreneurs just aren't looking at seriously enough. I know I wasn't.

Here's what I did realize recently: there is somehow no go-to brand for high quality/luxury nail polish cases, whether for display or for travel.

If you search for display nail polish cases, you're instantly hit with low quality entries and even DIY solutions on the front page. Companies pay to be front page. I don't see any.

There's an opportunity here and it's not rocket science. Build a B2C brand that sells luxury nail polish accessories (cases, in this case) customers will love and value.

Customers are already buying nail polish. They're buying cheap cases and DIY kits just get a decent display piece for their homes. That's OK, but generally capitalism can do better.

This MASSIVE segment of women (and some men) gleefully paying $10 a pop for the ephemeral luxury that is nail polish deserves a brand they can love.

There are so many customers out there who are lacking a an obvious accessory to go with their already-purchased high quality merchandise.

The era of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo launches are over (or are they?), so probably don't do that, but the grassroots approach to this would probably be 10x more effective and less effort.

Get in contact with the creators behind this content. If you can make a great case (pun intended), they'll be your greatest fans, and they'll introduce you directly to their greatest fans.

Which creator wants to advertise yet another VPN provider instead of introduce a product they know will be useful to their niche audience and they can gain a cut via affiliate revenue from. It's an obvious win-win-win.

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NOTE Nail polish isn't the only thing -- luxury watches are right up there. If you've just spent $5000 on a watch, what friction is there to spending $500 on a well constructed display or travel case? Maybe one with an AirTag insert?

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