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Unvalidated Ideas #003

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Enterprise Omni Search (Tier: S)

Search for all the documents/files/resources/shared emails in your organization. It's a simple concept but ridiculously powerful if done right.

Google built a massive empire on one silly search box in the middle of the page. Imagine if you could be that for every company, for their most important documents.

A lot of popular products these days hock a breathlessly optimistic productivity-porn slant -- "if only you had X, your team would be 1000% more productive". This idea feels like that, but it's actually true.

There is a competitor in the space so it's not quite unvalidated but still a good idea because most people I know have never heard of "elastic workplace search".

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NOTE If Google enters your space you're going to have a hard time but you might actually be OK.

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Victor (vados@vadosware.io)