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Unvalidated Ideas #041

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Fitness Data Hub for Strava & Fitness Apps (πŸ—’Raw Notes)

Peloton's time has passed and people are running, biking, hiking outside. Enthusiasts (the heaviest spenders) love to track their progress and are competitive -- always wanting an edge.

Data can be that edge, if they're using it right -- but first, they have to navigate the minefield of getting your data out of the fitness tracker apps.

💼 🧠 Build an easy to use fitness data hub for the affluent sports enthusiast

One of the most popular apps in the space is Strava, but it's not the only one -- don't forget Garmin Connect, Nike Run club, Adidas Runtastic and others.

All these apps are trying to build a monopoly on the data that users generate, and they don't interact well -- easy to get data in, hard to get it out. Helping users get value from their data across multiple sources and exporting/visualizing is still unsolved.

Some apps have some of the pieces, but are still early. For example It's hard to beat RunGap on simplicity or functionality, but the presentation leaves a lot to be desired -- the concept can be so much more.

Getting a wholistic view of how much you ran, biked and swam requires multiple tools -- bring it down to one, with awesome graphs and visualization as well.

The 300 pound gorilla in the room is Apple Health, and Starva has already cut and re-enabled their integration with Health.

You can't do much about Apple Health, but what you can do is build a beautiful, easy to use, online-only progressive web application that unlocks the value that these companies are all trying to build a walled garden around.

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