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Unvalidated Ideas #005

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PerkySuite - purchasing for C-Suite perks (Tier: S)

Build a private marketplace for perks offered to C-Suite & Executives, with:

The demand is certainly there -- executive compensation packages trend upwards -- Amazon just approved a $212MM salary (over many years) for Andy Jassy. Getting just a piece of that pie would be quite juicy.

For corporations, this can be an intelligent way to cut costs on executive compensation. A private car service may only cost ~$70k a year, but be worth much more to both the executive and the company (gains in free time, efficiency, focus, loyalty, etc). As executives progress, non-salary benefits can be much more motivating -- imagine a corporation promising to contribute $500k towards any public library built in honor of said executive.

On the C-suite/executive side of things, if you build the right perks they will push for this program at every company they move to. Want to go full white-glove? Offer some unique perks that make the news and watch all the curious executives (and their assistants) get in contact.

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NOTE Sharp readers may be thinking "isn't this just a regurgitation of the 'Premium Travel for Executives' idea?" Well kind of but no -- I actually thought of this idea first (2022/03/13 vs 2022/05/07), so it's more like this idea is so good that it spits off A tier sub-ideas.

Running just one of the perks that could be offered to C-Suite executives is great, being the marketplace that HR purchases those perks at is way better.

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Victor (vados@vadosware.io)