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Unvalidated Ideas #006

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FreeRangeFeeds - Chronological feeds for content (Tier: S)

People want chronological feeds to content they already like. The feed is the product -- fostering addiction perpetually recurring engagement isn't required, but having an aggregated feed is why people use social networks. Give the people what they want -- a feed that will never be driven by algorithms.

This idea is so good, it's S tier despite being B2C -- it's the kind of idea that will immediately excite your friends, and it fits with the scale-then-charge model we all have come to know so well. That said, it will draw the ire of probably every single social network company that you integrate, so you need to insulate a little bit:

There are many ways to profit, but here are just a few:

You could validate this idea quickly by maintaining pages for the top 10 content producers in a few niches, and trying to reach their fans (and the creators themselves), or taking a platform-driven approach and find people complaining about the lack of chronological feeds on certain platforms (those people would at the very least try out your idea immediately, if not helping you build)

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