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Unvalidated Ideas #063

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One Page at a Time (πŸ—’Raw Notes)

Sector: Consumer/Luxury

The process of writing a personal book/memoir is still quite time consuming, expensive and difficult.

Getting the right thoughts down in any form (usually a recorded conversation) is hard, and getting that content to a ghost writer, editor and publisher is still difficult.

💼 🧠 Make the process of writing books easier for new authors by collecting content over time

Building a way for people to progressively write a book (and track their progress) could make the process much easier.

With the help of AI, writing books is going to be much easier, but AI can't help with is getting people to write the content in the first place -- people need to be badgered and

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This kind of work would normally be pretty hard to monetize, but it's the kind of work that might work very well hand-in-hand with AI. People want to remember what happens in their lives, all they need is a prompt, and AI is great at doing this conversationally -- which means you can scale without hiring more staff to give a white-glove experience.

Where this idea gets really profitable is by connecting the other parts of the process -- ghost writers, editors, and publishers are not on a centralized marketplace, but they should be.

What was in this week's uncut edition?

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