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Unvalidated Ideas #066

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Here's a fresh idea you can take out there and validate.

DeskPod - Always-on Loom-style group surfing (πŸ—’Raw Notes)

Sector: Technology/SaaS

Remote work isn't going away. What teams at companies crave these days is a way to stay connected while they do remote work.

Sites like Gather.town provide "metaverse" level experiences for keeping teams together and "in the office" in a way.

💼 🧠 Build an always-on Loom-style group surfing experience for teams

Loom has almost become a verb in the tech world -- the easy-to-create videos have become ubiquitous for quick demos, product introductions, and early sales pitches.

Adapting the Loom interface for every day browsing is something that could be even lower barrier to entry for teams, and make it easy for people to collaborate.

Competitors like Tandem provide a whole interface for dealing with conferences and showing what apps people are using, but you want something that's even easier to use -- your screen, with a few face-bubbles in the bottom right.

Need to set up a webhook that emails you?

webhooked.email gives you a URL emails you in less than 30 seconds.


While this could work as a B2C idea, it's probably best pursued as a B2B idea first, then opening to B2C later -- B2C is incredibly hard to make profitable.

NOTE There's a risk here that Loom itself will compete with you -- so you'll have to launch fast.

Another risk that is the compute intensity of always displaying video feeds of other people in the bottom right -- switching to an approximation like Bitmoji or a virtual avatar makes more sense (since you can transfer the gestures, not the A/V data). Blurring the feed is also a good option for reducing required bandwidth.

That said, with good enough connections, this is actually doable.

What was in this week's uncut edition?

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