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Unvalidated Ideas #068

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DistantBackups (πŸ—’Raw Notes)

Sector: Tech/Consumer

Object storage has become a very cheap commodity -- providers like Backblaze and Wasabi offer extremely redundant disk space for rock bottom prices.

The average non-technical enterprise & consumer can't use these services, but instead uses something that looks more like Google Drive or Carbonite.

💼 🧠 Build a cloud backup service that arbitrages cheap object storage providers

Most people (even in companies) don't need a terrabyte of storage for backups, and that's what you can get from Backblaze for $5/month.

As larger and large hard drives become available, the discrepancy between what's available for enterprise customers (who need access to raw storage) and consumers (who want access to a backup app/folder interface) will continue to diverge.

The idea here is simple -- build an extremely easy to use mobile and desktop app that enables users to backup data they want saved to the cloud.

Need to set up a webhook that emails you?

Use webhooked.email, get a URL that emails you in less than 30 seconds.


Where you can set yourself apart here is excellent support for mobile. More and more data is being stored on mobile phone plans (ex. 256GB storage on some phones), but the equivalent offering of storage is actually much smaller (ex. 2GB free for iPhones), and people are wary about purchasing storage that they can't use across more than one device (ex. a non-apple computer or phone).

Positioning as everything storage (and usable for a whole family) wins people over -- they can pay one cost, and share amongst all family members (which still probably won't add up to 1TB!).

NOTE This idea works well for consumers or even better for non-technical enterprise (that likely don't have their own solution picked out, or developers that can build something).

Competition is fierce but that can mean the market is deep.

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