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Unvalidated Ideas #009

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Hosted Pa11y - Accessibility monitoring (Tier: A)

Ever come across a site with text that's nearly the same color as the background? Now imagine having a serious disability and being completely unable much of the internet, or receiving completely nonsensical information from a screen reader you depend on.

Getting Accessibility ("a11y") right is important to a lot of people and a lot of companies. Aside from the usual capitalist reasons, there are many governments and organizations who rightfully make it their job to help those with disabilities, but it's really difficult to pull off -- any new front end code or design changes could introduce a lapse in accessibility!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to help companies stay on top of their accessibility, and ensure it never dips below a certain level. There is great software out there for doing this already (e.x., Pa11y and axe), but for large organizations it's often harder than you'd think to make sure they're run on every public part of the website.

It's important enough that there's a Digital.gov (USA) site dedicated to it. Other countries like the UK have too. It's obviously a trend, so follow that trend.

Take this idea to the next level by becoming a Trusted Tester (USA), then chase similar status in every country you can. There's no reason you can't be a trusted, consistent expert in the US, EU, and every other nation that has made this a priority. The more certifications and experience you can build into your solution the easier it will be for global multinational corporations to trust your solution.

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NOTE This idea could be a feature of a larger web testing platform (ex. a lot of competition out there), so keep in mind that some competition could be much larger than you are. In the end, if you execute well enough they'll just be potential acquirers, rather than competition!

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