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Unvalidated Ideas #018

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Blender in the cloud

F/OSS software written to replace closed source has come a long way. Some of the biggest success stories are well known by now:

Blender is one of the best examples F/OSS that does an excellent job of replacing closed source software (3DS Max, Maya).

Creators do impressive work with Blender, and it's become the defacto tool for smaller firms and larger firms who don't want to pay exorbitant costs for 3D modeling software.

Hopefully I don't have to convince you too much about the explosion of 3D -- content, platforms, media -- it's everywhere and growing.

We can put this idea in the trite-but-true "How do we get the next generation of X on Y" template -- How do we get the next generation of 3d modelers and creators exposed to Blender, and creating as fast as possible?.

Normally this would be a driving force/main priority of the corporate apparatus behind a product like Blender, but Blender is open source and run by the Blender Foundation, so their capitalistic tendencies (read: greed) aren't quite that of a grow-or-die private company. Luckily, that's where you or I can come in.

It's simple -- build a platform for Blender that enables people to use blender in the cloud, and provides them the tools to get started quickly. Anyone with access to an internet connection should be able to use Blender to start learn and create 3D models.

Read my raw notes >

NOTE In the "X for Y" template, this idea is "Replit for Blender".

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