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Unvalidated Ideas #023

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🚀 Hetzner, OVH and Leaseweb have the best prices, but they often lack the managed services of bigger clouds.

Nimbus Web Services is going to solve this "service gap". We manage services like Redis, Memcached, Object Storage, and Container Registries so you don't have to.

Visit nimbusws.com, pick the services you are interested in, and be one of the first to get affordable managed services for the affordable cloud.


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Instablog - add a blog to any site instantly

Let's say you just had a brand new site whipped up by your designer -- they've given you some raw HTML/CSS that looks excellent.

Along with your corporate site, you're going to want somewhere to write your ramblings, press releases, and content marketing right?

Which one of these following would you choose?

The right choice for most people is probably Wordpress, but none of these are the easiest choice. Most of the choices get fairly nerdy fairly quickly.

Even Wordpress is easy to administer in theory, but once you start thinking about backups or installing plugins it gets quite sweaty.

Provide non-technical users an easy way to add a blog to any site. They'll need:

Being able to drop a single <script/> tag on a page or hook up a CNAME and get a beautifully designed blog up and running would be magic.

For guidance, consider Feather.so -- they have a pretty good hang of this, and have already found over 170 customers.

Notion is just another CMS though -- what do all the people who just signed up for Prismic but don't know how to use it do? The Prismic theme documentation immediatley goes into developer mode.

This idea isn't new, and it isn't flashy, but your execution is what can set you apart. If you can build a tool for non-technical people that allows them to build blogs fast, you'll be a compelling option despite not being the most robust. Make it brain dead simple to either author content right in the app, or connect to Prismic/Notion/ other CMS

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NOTE: Take inspiration from Stripe's new prebuilt pricing tables.

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