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Unvalidated Ideas #025

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Here's a fresh idea you can take out there and validate.

Fact Rollup aaS

There's a use case between transactional and bulk email that few people talk about -- update emails. I call them "rollups".

Rollups aren't quite transactional, they'rea at bulk volume scale but only "semi" templated -- they have to be personalized.

Humanity craves the feed, but unless you're Facebook, Twitter or TikTok it's not your core business. Business owners and developers just want to throw information users care about over the wall and maybe allow the business side to make manual insertions every once in a while.

Make it easier for businesses and developers to manage, coordinate and send updates to users. Whether it's billing updates, new releases, changes to things they care about, the user notification lifecycle needs to be managed at every company.

When things happen on a platform that users should know about, someone has to build the automation that sends out updates. Developers have repeated this work numerous times, and rebuilt the same systems endlessly, and likely made the same mistakes.

Whether it's a social network, security tool, program for managing sales or teamwork, most SaaS apps want a way to easily and consistently deliver updates to users.

If you can provide an easy way to pull disparate pieces of information relevant to customers and combine them into a coherent, templated email, you can deliver value that your customers don't have to build.

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NOTE There's also no reason to stop with email -- you can handle coordinating push events, messages over social media and more.

Here's another hint -- one huge problem that companies deal with is ensuring the same customer doesn't get the same content via push notification/email/message twice.

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In this week's uncut edition:

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