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Unvalidated Ideas #027

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Here's a fresh idea you can take out there and validate.

Transcriptions for Twitch

Some people still think video games aren't a big deal -- well the game industry is bigger than movies and sports combined.

There's been epic conflict so far: Microsoft's Mixer paid streamers obscene amounts of money and still died. Facebook gaming tried and failed.

Twitch remains the undisputed king.

So now we have our playground. One of the first things I thought of was a way to search twitch (a sort of "omnisearch"), and while that's interesting, helping Twitch streamers get live transcriptions on their channels is even more interesting.

Transcription helps Twitch streamers reach new audiences, appeal to closed-captioning friendly younger generations, and gives them super-powers that would have been too expensive otherwise.

For the people who really need high quality transcription, there's the opportunity of enabling a marketplace of live transcribers and streamers/companies that need someone to transcribe their live recordings.

There's a lot of directions to go in with this, but bascially if you want to build this (after validating the idea), you're offering two core features:

That second one is obviously the hardest, but guess what -- there's already technology like OpenAI's Whisper that can do most of it for you, with cutting edge accuracy, along with some other software that does similar things.

The hardest parts are mostly done or workable, and there's the marketplace for the most demanding customers. Sounds like opportunity to me.

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NOTE Twitch isn't the only place that needs live closed captioning, but it's a decent place to start. There are lots of places to go from there, once you have something that works generically (i.e. with a live RTMP stream and/or pre-recorded video).

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